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Entering the Heart of Shiva (EHS)

is the introductory course upon which all Advanced Studies are based. EHS is a truly extraordinary and rare opportunity to learn the Tantric meditation studies and practices from one of the world’s most renowned experts, whereby you learn to dance with the divine source of life itself and unfold the untold possibility inside you.

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Blue Throat Yoga Core Curriculum

Blue Throat Yoga asserts a powerful connection between practice and knowledge — experience and wisdom. This understanding from the venerable teachings of deep meditation through the ages is a foundational principle of this school.

Through the years, hundreds of students have participated in our core curriculum courses, in order to create a coherent and transformative body of practice (sādhanā) and to experience life from the highest vantage point. The arc of Blue Throat Yoga studies encompasses a journey that guides the new practitioner toward their unique expression as a seasoned exponent of Absolute Consciousness.

The Blue Throat Yoga Core Curriculum includes Entering the Heart of ShivaAbiding in the Khecari MudraTrika HridayaRashmi Chakra Mahan, and the Nirvana Diksha Immersion. These courses provide depth of study and the opportunity for systematic advanced practice for every student — from new beginner to core curriculum graduate. Each course in the core curriculum promotes a true dedication to practice, inner transformation, and prepares students for the increasing intensity and potency of further domains of advanced sādhanā.

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SadaShivacharya Teacher Preparation Process

Graduates of the Blue Throat Yoga Core Curriculum who have completed all of the practice prerequisites, are invited to apply for the rigorous and beautiful SadaShivacharya Teacher Preparation Program.

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