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Online Meditation Retreats

Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna

All practitioners of Neelakantha Meditation are warmly invited and highly encouraged to spend time in deep guided practice ad study.

Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna – Virtual Gatherings via Zoom 

These experiential online gatherings will deepen your meditation in profound ways as you spend multiple sequential days in deep practice in your own home. Practices and teachings led by Paul Muller-Ortega and other Authorized Teachers of Neelakantha Meditation will radically expand your knowledge and regimen of practices in the householder tradition. Hṛidaya Madhya Dhyāna online gatherings are geared toward a progressive opening from foundational meditation practice through advanced sequences to support your Neelakantha Meditation practice.

Open to all practitioners of Neelakantha Meditation. Email the office at [email protected] or check your inbox for registration information.

Registration now open for the Summer Online Gathering, July 12-14, and July 15-18!

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