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Welcome to a New Year of Practice and Study
with Blue Throat Yoga

Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD ~ Founding Meditation Teacher of Blue Throat Yoga
Enjoy this audio message from Paul: Why We Meditate

Blue Throat Yoga is a School for Deep Meditation Practice and Study, designed to help you establish great freedom and joy in daily life.

Blue Throat Yoga was founded by Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD., meditation  teacher and scholar of the esoteric philosophical traditions of India. The school offers rich and life-transformative teachings from the liberative Śakta-Śaiva tradition of Kashmir to students around the world. See Paul’s teaching schedule, or find an Authorized Teacher near you!

The Three Pillars of Blue Throat Yoga

Neelakantha Meditation ~ Retreats ~ Study
Creating a Steadfast Lifetime Foundation for
Anyone Seeking Depth and Profound Growth in Life


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What Students Are Saying 

“My meditation brings me home to my heart and brings calmness to my mind. That’s why I will stay with this practice.”

“I’ve found the true me, my true Self, my true essence that lies underneath all of the unproductive searching I have done throughout my life.”

“Blue Throat Yoga has really introduced a gift into my life. This meditation practice is quite incredible, bringing many layers of healing.”

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