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Entering The Heart Of Shiva

Entering the Heart of Shiva (EHS)

is the foundational and flagship course of the Blue throat Yoga study curriculum. This unparalleled course is guided by highly experienced senior teachers, and is  an extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most renowned experts on deep meditation from the Kashmir Shaivism and Hindu Tantra traditions, Paul Muller-Ortega.

EHS is a powerful journey of discovery into the core teachings of Tantric Yoga that profoundly transforms life and awakens us to bliss. Paul and the co-teachers offer a deep understanding and experience of the foundational principles of Svatantra, the Tantric teaching of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness. This teaching offers practical and powerful tools for the great ascending journey into the Heart– tools that can be applied at every level of life.

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Throughout the Entering the Heart of Shiva program, live and recorded teleseminars guide students through a systematic study of the Svatantra teachings and practices. Each teleseminar offers a deeper exposure to advanced practice and study.  Because students join this course from all over the world, teleseminars are recorded and are available for download for future listening. Additionally, important passages from the sacred texts of the Shaiva tradition will be explored and given a larger context for deeper and more refined understanding. 

All EHS students are invited to engage in daily practice, reading, contemplation and journaling. Students will receive materials and publications from Paul and have access to recordings of other teaching events Paul will do throughout the year. Each student is invited into a course of self-study, with the option of joining a study group of peers to work through the material together.

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This powerful, experiential journey into the Heart of Consciousness will allow you to step into your own wisdom, strength, and natural capacities to reveal the nectar of life from the inside out.

We invite you into this exquisite and transformative journey of the Heart!


Key Topics of Study
-The Theory of the Practice of Meditation
-Invitation to learn the Power of Deep Meditation Practice in a Retreat Setting
-Central Teachings & Myths in the Yogic and ƚaiva Tantric Traditions
-Extraordinary Liberative Knowledge of Tantra in Experiential & Theoretical modes
-The distinction between Householder and Renunciate modes of spiritual practice
-History and context of key differences between Classical Yoga & ƚaiva Tantric Yoga
-Abhinavagupta, the great Tantric master of the Non-dual ƚaiva traditions of Kashmir

Introduction to Foundational ƚaiva Tantric Texts
-The ƚiva SĆ«tras
-The Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra
-The Tantrāloka and Tantrasāra of Abhinavagupta
-The Pratyabhijñā-Háč›dayam of KáčŁemarāja

Key Practices to Facilitate Your Deep Unfolding
-Japa and Chanting Mantras of the ƚaiva Tradition
-Bhāvanā, the practice of eliciting deep and visionary Insight
-Svādhyāya study of sacred texts

Regular Live Seminars on Zoom
Study of Previously Recorded Teleseminars
Individual & Group Course of Study
Vast Online Study Library
Original Translations & Expert Teachings
Guided Study & Practice Support 


Blue Throat Yoga offers three powerful pillars in its fundamental teachings on the Freedom of Consciousness: Study, Meditation Practice, and Retreats. Entering the Heart of Shiva is the foundational course of Study that invites students into a profound process of understanding the deeper elements of Sadhana, or spiritual practice. This transformative course is based on the study of ancient, time-honored texts, practices, and teachings designed to enliven and uplift your natural experience of life from the inside out.

Entering the Heart of Shiva Students are strongly invited to participate in all three components as it is possible to do so. EHS Students may separately receive personal instruction into the daily practice of Neelakantha Meditation at a regional course or on retreat, and EHS Students may join one or more Vibrating Silence Retreats in the year they are enrolled and in subsequent years. Studying in EHS, Practicing Neelakantha Meditation, and practicing deeply on Retreat are the three powerful pillars that facilitate your deep unfolding. The most profound experience is gained when the three pillars are combined, however, we now offer each component separately to make these teachings as accessible as possible to the householder practitioner.

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