“My practice of Neelakantha Meditation has changed my life. It has given me access to parts of my life and myself that were before out of reach. This practice is for everyone!”


“I just want to say Thank You. You have really introduced a gift into my life. This year of meditation practice has been quite incredible with many layers of healing.”



“In the last three years of practice and studies with Paul, my life has changed so profoundly in such a sweet, natural, effortless way. Practicing in this way feels like coming home. Parts of me that I thought would be stuck forever melted. Now I catch myself feeling vibrantly alive and childishly happy for no reason. And being a part of this community of scholarly, heartfelt spiritual finders has been one of the few places where I found people just like me.”



“I decided to study meditation with Paul three years ago on somewhat of a whim. I knew I wanted to learn a practice supported by lineage and authenticity. Paul’s articulation of Neelakantha Meditation quenched my need for a profound intellectual understanding of yoga and meditation, but even more importantly, it seeded my deeper craving for sincere reverence and awe. My meditation practice is an inexhaustible motor that needs no fuel besides my now unshakable need to do it every day, and it drives a new life I never could have imagined: a life bursting with constant appreciation, gratitude, delight, laughter, focus, and amazement.”



“When I first met Paul in 2008 at a Sadhana Satsang, I expected to deepen my meditation practice. That happened, exponentially, but what surprised me was that his teachings lit up an understanding of the nature of consciousness for me in such a profound way that a new light has shone within me and in everything I do ever since. Paul is truly a master teacher of spiritual knowledge and experience.”



“This practice is truly holy!”



“Meditation will lead you on a path to your own heart where there is nothing other than beauty, joy, wealth, love and kindness. Meditation will adjust the inner vision and condition allowing us to radiate only the highest qualities of our beings. A regular and devoted practice will act as a reminder of where we need to go to find all we seek in this life.”