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Student Testimonials

“The naturalness of Neelakantha Meditation makes this goal easily attainable to all.”

“There is nothing more profoundly effective in creating a fulfilled and meaningful life than an authentic daily meditation practice. The naturalness of Neelakantha Meditation makes this goal easily attainable to all. To bathe in the Light of Consciousness daily and deeply is a gift I am forever grateful to have received.”
– Joyce K.

“Light and space is part of my practice and I can dip into it.”

“My meditation practice deepens exponentially when I go on retreat twice a year and I hike and I spend time with my friends and eat wonderful food and we sleep and we meditate and the desert is amazing because there’s this huge expanse of light and space and that gets stored up in me, in my bones, basically, and then when I go home, that is there, that light and space is part of my practice and I can dip into it, it’s like a little oasis in my day, and it restores me and it renews me.”
- Mary P

“An amazing transformation for my life.”

“My meditation practice has actually changed every aspect of my life, and what my family really has noticed is that I’ve become so strong and so direct. I was always kind, but you know, there’s an extra dollop of sweetness right now. It has really been an amazing transformation for my life. I’m 66 years old and just like many of you and many people, I’ve had the trials and challenges of life in terms of family, finances, emotions, relationships, the whole nine yards. And what the difference is, really, is that I have not just stability but the ability to really clearly see what needs to be done and to do it in a very succinct way. The other really wonderful shift that happened is that I’ve had an adversarial relationship with one of my siblings for years and years and years. And no amount of therapy, nothing really worked. And what is happening now is that when I’m with her, my state is so filled with compassion and love that she actually shifts. And we’re actually creating a relationship where there is some very, very sweet communication. Thank you.”
– Sandy A.

“It has engulfed every fiber of my being and brought such joy.”

“My meditation practice has been utterly and absolutely transformative in my life. I had a meditation practice for 20 years due to some calling of my soul since I was a child. But until I found this practice, the Neelakantha practice, it was never completely full, completely satisfying. And now it has engulfed every fiber of my being and brought such joy and transformation, opening daily to greater and greater levels of understanding and fullness.”
– Paul V.

“My meditation practice makes me feel like I’m home in my heart and in my mind and that’s why I practice.”

– Rajani B.

“I’ve found the true me, the true Self, what lies underneath all of my other searching throughout my life.”

“My meditation practice changed my life. I was not a meditator prior to being initiated into Blue Throat Yoga. And since that moment of initiation and commitment to practice, I’ve found the true me, the true Self, what lies underneath all of my other searching throughout my life. I’d always wondered why, what, where, when, and now things are coming up from within, and beauty, through Grace, and these teachings and this practice that has enabled me to become a better man, an important part of society, and the unfolding of going to places that I’ve always wandered and wanted to return to. One of them being to the heart, and the second being to India as a result of this magnificent journey. And this unfolding continues with light and the blessings of this kula and those around me and the love that is coming from within introversively, has expressed itself in ways beyond words. And only in the matching of teachers’ blessings have I been able to follow in a path that I’m truly grateful for and forever feel blessed and would love to pass onto others. Thank you.”
– Patrick R.

“It is a foundation for my day and for my life.”

“My meditation practice, for me, is a foundation for my day and for my life. It’s how I start my day, it’s my “coffee.” I don’t drink coffee, I meditate and I start my day. And when I don’t do it, I notice my day is slightly different and I kind of like it better after I meditate, so that’s my story.”
– Sarai M.

“My meditation practice is my saving grace.”

– Annie B.

“There’s limitless potential. Anything can happen.”

“My meditation structures my days. That it’s a place, that’s — it’s almost like it’s not in the material world, it’s like a parallel world, or some other beyond the material world. It’s like being in a dream in a way except that I’m wide awake. And in a dream, you know, there’s limitless potential. Anything can happen. So in a dream, a dream is like the state of creativity. That different place in your mind. And anything can happen. Nothing really needs to happen but things are happening and there’s a little way to guide it. Even in the meditation when I feel like I’m sort of daydreaming, I’m awake and watching all that. And nothing needs to change and everything is changing.”
– Peggy G.

“To do it together it’s that much more special.”

“My meditation practice is done best as a couple. We just spent the last three weeks out in the desert under the Joshua trees meditating, offering tangerines, eating them, feeling blissful, it’s been amazing. – (Maren) I agree with her, we really enjoy … this process is the most intimate thing you could ever — this is a relationship with yourself and it means so much, and to do it together it’s that much more special. (Tony)” .
– Maren and Tony G.

“Through my meditation practice I’m learning how to love myself.”

– Becky K.

“It’s plunged me deeper into the experience of enjoying this world.”

“My meditation practice has been something I’ve been waiting for all my life. It informs how I am in the world inside and outside. So it informs how I feel and how I act. And that’s been the biggest gift of my meditation practice. I can go inside two times a day and a few times a year for extended periods and reach my center. Actually I spoke to my friends before I came on this retreat and I said “I’m going into the desert to find my center.” and it has drawn me in and it’s become what was a difficult life, so it’s made what’s been a difficult life, and difficult to be on the planet it’s plunged me deeper and deeper into the experience of enjoying this world and I thought it would do exactly the opposite. And I was so astonished four years ago when I began this practice to realize oh it wasn’t going to take me away from society, from my loved ones, from the experience of being in this life, it actually has enriched every part of being human and being in this life. So my meditation practice is priceless.
– Amanda F.

“This practice is for everyone!”

“My practice of Neelakantha Meditation has changed my life. It has given me access to parts of my life and myself that were before out of reach. This practice is for everyone!”
– Tom N.

“My meditation practice helps me connect to myself. Helps me to be less worried about things in my life.”

– Joe T.

“Thank You. You have really introduced a gift into my life. This year of meditation practice has been quite incredible with many layers of healing.”

– John S.

“Beauty, joy, wealth, love and kindness.”

“Meditation will lead you on a path to your own heart where there is nothing other than beauty, joy, wealth, love and kindness. Meditation will adjust the inner vision and condition allowing us to radiate only the highest qualities of our beings. A regular and devoted practice will act as a reminder of where we need to go to find all we seek in this life.”
– Melissa M.

“This practice is truly holy!”

– Eva T.

“Practicing in this way feels like coming home.”

“In the last three years of practice and studies with Paul, my life has changed so profoundly in such a sweet, natural, effortless way. Practicing in this way feels like coming home. Parts of me that I thought would be stuck forever melted. Now I catch myself feeling vibrantly alive and childishly happy for no reason. And being a part of this community of scholarly, heartfelt spiritual finders has been one of the few places where I found people just like me.”
– Audrey C.

“A new light has shone within me.”

“When I first met Paul in 2008 at a Sadhana Satsang, I expected to deepen my meditation practice. That happened, exponentially, but what surprised me was that his teachings lit up an understanding of the nature of consciousness for me in such a profound way that a new light has shone within me and in everything I do ever since. Paul is truly a master teacher of spiritual knowledge and experience.”
– Brook D.