photo13In a Sadhana Satsang Weekend, renowned scholar and teacher Paul Muller-Ortega takes participants on a journey of the experiential discovery of the Tantric practices of the Heart. Every Sadhana Satsang is fresh and inspiring, full of new insights, thought-provoking considerations, and practical applications. The weekend centers on a consideration of the fundamental principles of Svatantra: the Tantric teaching of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness. In order to assist the process of embodying and actualizing these principles in daily life, participants will learn powerful, elegant, yet accessible Tantric
practices for the transmutation of Consciousness.

inner fire of immortellleSadhana Satsang weekends with Paul take place in select locations across North America. While a Sadhana Satsang weekend schedule will vary slightly at each location, please expect to dive in fully all day Saturday and Sunday. Please check the schedule for specific dates and locations.